Scientific work in the Institute of Osteopathy


The clinical facilities and modern instrumentation at the Institute of Osteopathy of SPbMAPS and SPbSU, where our teachers and students work, create an excellent base for scientific studies in various fields of medicine:  neonatology, pediatrics, neurology, orthopedics, and others.

We understand that only the scientific study based on the principles of medical demonstrative medicine can serve as a convincing illustration of the potential of osteopathic treatment in our osteopathic centre. In this regard, in 2006 the Institute of Osteopathy of SPbMAPS and SPbSU established a research laboratory with the participation of physiologists, osteopaths, physicists and engineers.

The laboratory has concentrated its research interest on the verification of the efficacy of osteopathic treatment, as well as on such fundamental area as the study of the endogenous rhythms of the human body. The findings of this research group have resulted in numerous international and Russian publications, conference talks, as well as awarded patents.

This work focuses primarily on promotion of osteopathy to new levels in our state. We obtain patents on methods and inventions that enable scientific confirmation of osteopathic concepts and to express in numbers what osteopaths feel by their hands.

The potential of SPbMAPS and SPbSU allows involving advanced scientists from the best laboratories around the country into the research and pedagogical process.

The teachers of the Institute, working together with leading scientists on the development of scientific researches, are regularly invited to take part in congresses held in various countries worldwide.