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18 октября 2021, понедельник

From 9 to 10 October, a French osteopath, lecturer at the Autism Resource Center (Ile-de-France) and lecturer at the National Association for the Promotion of Somatic Care in Mental Health Louise Antunes held her webinar on the online platform of our institute.

The event was organized with the participation of the Russian Osteopathic Association and allowed Russian specialists to get acquainted with an important topic dedicated to the peculiarities of osteopathic treatment of patients with autism.

With more than ten years of working experience with autism spectrum disorders, Louise Antunes spoke about the most common disorders of this category of patients and showed specific osteopathic techniques for diagnosing and correcting somatic dysfunctions. During the webinar, she paid special attention to recommendations for adapting the treatment approach and preparing an osteopathic physician to communicate with a patient diagnosed with autism.

The webinar was attended by osteopathic physicians and specialists of related fields of medicine from 20 regions of Russia, as well as from Israel and Kazakhstan. They highly appreciated the relevance and practical significance of the event and expressed special gratitude to Louise Antunes for her willingness to develop international cooperation.

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