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Osteopathy Open 2020
24 марта 2020, вторник

Dear colleagues!

We are pleased to inform you that in accordance with the plan of the scientific and practical events of the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation an International Congress OSTEOPATHY OPEN 2020 «Current  Issues of Osteopathy» will take place on June 9-15th, 2020 in St. Petersburg.

Osteopathy Open 2020 is dedicated to an important event for us.  In June St. Petersburg Institute of Osteopathy is preparing to celebrate its 20th anniversary. 20 years is a whole era in the history of Russian osteopathy, and we are proud that our institute was one of its main actors. In 2000, we were at the forefront of state licensed education in osteopathy. We were the first to train doctors in osteopathic medicine in compliance with Russian legislation and to focus on high international standards. Today we continue this work.

Osteopathy Open is an important part of the history of our institute. We have always paid great attention to the development of osteopathy as a scientific discipline. Osteopathy Open is held annually for the exchange of advanced research and development results, scientific and educational experience, discussion of current issues of the specialty. Over the years, it has become not only the hallmark of the institute, but also the largest scientific event for all Russian osteopaths. It was repeatedly attended by recognized experts, including those who are called «the great names of osteopathy».

Osteopathy Open 2020 will not be an exception.

We offer participants three workshops: 

Oscillatory approach in osteopathy: effects on thixotropy and neuroplasticity. Multidimensional techniques

June 9-10, 2020

Lecturer –
Dmitry Mokhov, doctor of medical sciences, osteopathic physician, neurologist, graduate of Ecole Superieure d’Osteopathie (Paris, France), сhief osteopathy specialist of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health, head of St. Petersburg State University Institute of Osteopathy, head of Osteopathy Department of Mechnikov North-West State Medical University.

We are happy to offer you an author's workshop on a topic of great interest in Europe, which is attended by osteopaths from different countries. It is dedicated to an innovative approach that opens up new principles in osteopathic diagnosis and correction, supporting and developing osteopathy in the concept of human integrity. The purpose of the workshop is to present the possibilities of using active vibration-oscillation, in the diagnosis and correction of somatic dysfunctions of various levels.
The program of the workshop

Childbirth and its mechanical, liquid and biodynamic consequences

June 11-12, 2020

Lecturer –
Bruno Josse, doctor of osteopathy, international lecturer. He studied the biodynamic concept in osteopathy under the supervision of James Jealous. He has spent many years working with children and pregnant women. He has more than 40 years of experience in osteopathic practice, and 35 years of teaching experience.

The workshop is dedicated to the most important stage in the life of every personchildbirthand its consequences for the baby from the point of view of osteopathy. The ante  and intra-natal periods are in the origin of many future health problems. Somatic dysfunctions that occur in the prenatal period and in childbirth are «basic» for the formation of many other somatic dysfunctions and, possibly, diseases at any age. That is why it is so important to understand the mechanism of occurrence of such dysfunctions at various tissue levels – bone, membrane, liquid, as well as at various levels of manifestation of somatic dysfunctions – global, regional and local.

«Internal» osteopath and «external» osteopath

June 13-15, 2020

Lecturer –
Alain Abehsera is one of the elders of European osteopathy, DO, MD. His teachers were J. Wernham, T. Dammer, A. Ratio, J.-P. Barral. He graduated from the European school of osteopathy (Maidstone, UK) in 1975. He has been teaching since 1974. In 1985, he received a doctor's degree in the Medical school of Paris. He is an author of many articles on osteopathy and the book «History of osteopathy from the origins» (1985).

The concept of self-healing, which the doctor must stimulate or trigger in the patient is at the origin of osteopathy. According to pedagogical principles, we teach best what we have learned well. This is also true for therapeutic activities: we will treat other people better if we learn to treat ourselves well. By learning to use this approach for themselves, osteopaths can teach their patients how to set themselves on the path of self-healing. The author believes that this will significantly expand the clinical possibilities of osteopathy.

The conference will include a meeting of the Professional Commission on osteopathy of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health.

As always Osteopathy Open is expected to be not only an important scientific event, but also a memorable holiday. On June 12 we invite our guests to a festive dinner on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of St. Petersburg Institute of Osteopathy.

Welcome to Osteopathy Open 2020!

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