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ROJ entered the Scopus database
27 января 2022, четверг

The Russian Osteopathic Journal (ROJ) has been included in the Scopus database, which is one of the largest and most reputable databases of bibliographic scientific materials in the world.

All publications included in the database must meet a certain list of requirements and undergo a very strict selection. Therefore, for the world scientific community, a journal indexed in Scopus is a «quality mark», a sign of the highest level of materials presented in it.

The Russian Osteopathic Journal was recognized by the Scopus expert commission as fully compliant with all criteria and basic requirements. This is a huge step forward in Russian osteopathic science. Now scientific papers published in ROJ will be known all over the world and will increase interest both in the journal and in Russian osteopathy.

Congratulations to the editor-in-chief of the journal — Dmitry Mokhov, the editorial board and all the authors on this achievement! 

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