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Meeting of the parliament members of Russia and Belarus
26 октября 2021, вторник

The director of our institute, chief osteopathy specialist of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health Dmitry Mokhov, took part in the meeting of the Commission of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia on social and youth policy, science, culture and humanitarian issues.

On October 22, in a format of online conference he spoke to representatives of Russia and Belarus about osteopathy, its place in the modern Russian healthcare system and the possibilities for the rehabilitation of patients who have had Covid-19.


Dmitry Mokhov said that there are more than 1,300 clinics in Russia where professional osteopaths receive patients. They have accumulated experience in treating patients who have had Covid-19 (with consequences in the form of respiratory, nervous, digestive disorders, with a large number of concomitant diseases). The data on the effectiveness of osteopathic methods in the complex rehabilitation of such patients have been confirmed in research performed by osteopathic physicians of the Far East.

During his speech, Dmitry Mokhov also emphasized that the Russian doctors are ready to provide comprehensive assistance and support to foreign colleagues: “We have invaluable experience, opportunities, and we are ready to effectively participate in the rehabilitation of patients after Covid-19 and share our knowledge with colleagues from other countries, where osteopathy has not yet received the proper development".

Summing up, Dmitry Mokhov noted that the data accumulated in the world community of osteopaths make it possible to consider osteopathy as one of the most important methods of rehabilitation for patients after coronavirus infection.

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