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Congratulations on the beginning of the new academic year!
2 сентября 2019, понедельник

We congratulate our students, teachers and all the staff on the beginning of the new academic year! Training has already started in St. Petersburg and in Moscow. Groups in Kazan, Samara and Yekaterinburg will soon start their studies. By tradition, we are writing about our plans for the year 2019/2020.

September 2nd is not just the first day of the new academic year for us. Today a new group of residents of the Osteopathy Department of Mechnikov North-West State Medical University started their studies. The first seminar was conducted by the director of our institute Dmitry Mokhov. 17 resident doctors will become part of our team for two years. We welcome them and wish them success in their studies!


The main event of the first half of the year for the Institute is, of course, the opening of new groups. Now we are recruiting students in 4 cities: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan and Yekaterinburg.

For those who already have a diploma of an osteopathic physician, the Institute, as usually, prepared a rich program of postgraduate courses. The coming year will be special in this regard - we have planned seminars not only of well-known foreign experts,  but also of those who can be called “great names” in osteopathy - Jean-Pierre Amigues, Marc Bozzetto, Alain Abehsera. We have also planned some author's workshops by Russian teachers on various topics.

 We will continue the work on the development of osteopathy as a scientific discipline. Last year we started a unique project. At the initiative of our Institute, the first International Research Group on osteopathy was created and began its’ work. It includes leading European osteopaths: Raymond Perrin (Great Britain) – MD, PhD, DO, Honored Senior Lecturer, Allied Health Professions Research Unit, University of Central Lancashire, registered osteopath and neuroscientist, Jöry Pauwels (Belgium) – DO, vice president of OsEAN, Cyril Clouzeau (France) DO, lecturer at the osteopathic school ISOsteo in Lyon, Philippe Gadet (France) – DO, lecturer, author of scientific publications in the field of osteopathy. The aim of the group is to develop and conduct scientific research proving the effectiveness of osteopathic treatment. Meetings of the group are held regularly once a month.

In October and November, our teachers will take part in two largest interdisciplinary scientific forums in Moscow: the V International Congress “Physiotherapy. Exercise therapy. Rehabilitation. Sports medicine” on October 30–31, and the IX Interdisciplinary Scientific and Practical Congress with participation of guests from abroad “Cerebral Palsy and Other Movement Disorders in Children” on October 31 – November 1. 

The results of the research conducted by our teachers, graduates and students are published in the “Russian Osteopathic Journal”, which is a scientific and practical edition included in the List of the Higher Attestation Commission. In the journal you can read not only scientific articles, but also the latest news from the life of the osteopathic community. As usual, two issues of the journal will be published in the coming academic year. 

New projects are being prepared by the publishing house of our Institute. For many years we have been publishing books of famous foreign experts in Russian language, which allows Russian osteopaths to be aware of the latest scientific research and to get acquainted with classical works in osteopathy. At present, the publishing house is preparing to publish the book by Jean-Marie Landouzy, “Back Pain - Teeth Pain,” by Christian Flèche, “Biological Decoding of Illness. Practical textbook of correspondences. Emotions/organs” and Roselyne Lalauze-Paul “Skull of a newborn. Volume 1". 

We will announce the release of each publication separately, but for now we remind you that our Institute has an extensive library of books on osteopathy, which contains unique works by Russian and foreign authors, including those published with the participation of our Institute.

We have listed only the main events planned for the upcoming academic year, but, without a doubt, there will be even more interesting news!

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