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Results of the Academic Year
18 июля 2018, среда

We have successfully completed another academic year. By tradition, we tell you about the most interesting events that happened to us during this time.

There were many important and pleasant events! In autumn 2017, for the first time, we began to teach osteopathic physicians in the medical residency at the Department of Osteopathy at the North-Western I. I. Mechnikov State Medical University. 6 doctors became our first residents. Among them new graduates and experienced specialists, who decided to get a new profession. The experience of training osteopaths in the full-time two-year training format has been very successful, and now we are recruiting medical residents for the next academic year 2018/2019. 

Each year we open four new groups in different cities of the country. In 2017/2018 we had first-year students in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Samara and Kazan. We are glad that more and more doctors want to twist their fortune with osteopathy and choose a quality education! Since osteopathic training in different regions of Russia is one of our priorities, we are planning to continue to expand the geography of our activities in the next academic year and to open new groups in five cities: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Ufa.

For several years now we have been organizing informational webinars "Osteopathy as a Doctor’s Pathway ", where we acquainted our colleagues from various fields of medicine with osteopathy and its possibilities. This year we took into account the experience of our previous broadcasts and changed the format in order to make our webinars even more interesting. This time they were addressed to doctors of certain specialties - neurologists, pediatricians, dentists, obstetricians, gynecologists, general practitioners, doctors of sports medicine. One of the webinars was dedicated to the history of osteopathy. Our teacher Nikita Tarasov told the audience about the appearence of osteopathy and about its creators in a lively and humorous manner. In total we organized two series of webinars—in autumn 2017 and in spring 2018. The seminars were conducted by the teachers of our institute. Each of them spoke about his unique and sometimes surprising pathway towards osteopathy.

Records of all the broadcasts can be found in the social network "VKontakte", in the group dedicated to the webinars.

Another opportunity for our colleagues from other medical specialties to learn more about osteopathy and osteopathic education is to visit our traditional open lessons. This academic year, we first began to conduct them not only in St. Petersburg, but also in Moscow. You can come and get acquainted with our Moscow office on Wednesdays from 9:30 to 17:00. The exact schedule of open lessons for the next academic year will be published on our website. Follow the news!

The publishing house of our institute also worked hard in the last academic year. The unique edition – Volume 1 of the Atlas of Osteopathic Techniques "Biomechanical Approach to the Correction of Somatic Dysfunctions of the Regions of the Upper and Lower Limbs"—was improved and reissued. For the first time the Atlas was published in 2011. It has become a reference book for many students of osteopathic schools and practicing osteopaths. Authors - teachers of St. Petersburg Institute of Osteopathy - collected more than 500 illustrations of various osteopathic techniques in it. The photos show in detail the stages of performance of each technique, positions of a doctor and a patient. The new edition was significantly revised and completed with more detailed comments. Now you can buy the Atlas again in our library!

In the past academic year, work on the development of osteopathy as a scientific discipline continued. Two issues of the Russian Osteopathic Journal came out. Russian Osteopathic Journal is the only scientific and practical edition in the country in which the results of scientific research in the field of osteopathy and interdisciplinary interaction of osteopaths and doctors of other medical specialties are published and discussed. 

The academic year finished with the annual scientific event for the Russian osteopaths Osteopathy Open 2018. This time it had a format of a scientific and practical conference. Workshops for Russian doctors were held by the leading European osteopaths Serge Zilbermann and Jean-Jacques Debroux. Today we are already working on the organization of the International Congress Osteopathy Open 2019, which will be held in Moscow for the first time and will be dedicated to the issues of interdisciplinary cooperation. For more details, please visit the Congress website.

Of course we should mention our graduates. In 2018 groups from St. Petersburg, Moscow and Ufa completed their studies. The graduation ceremony took place in the North-Western I.I. Mechnikov State Medical University. State osteopathic education started here 18 years ago. Of course, we do not say goodbye to our graduates. We will meet them many times at our postgraduate seminars and congress Osteopathy Open. Some of them will soon become our young teachers.

The past academic year was interesting and successful for us. We wish all our colleagues and listeners a good holiday. We will be happy to see them in the new academic year!

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