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We congratulate our students, teachers and colleagues on the beginning of the new academic year!
1 сентября 2017, пятница

We congratulate our students, teachers and colleagues on the beginning of the new academic year! We hope that you had a good rest in summer and are ready to return to work and studies with renewed energy. As usual, we share with you our plans for the coming year.

By tradition we’ll start with the educational news. In the academic year 2017-2018 for the first time we will train osteopathic doctors in residency. It will be a new experience for us. The training will be held at the Department of Osteopathy in the North-Western State Medical University n. a.  I.I. Mechnikov. In summer the entrance examinations took place, and seven doctors who successfully passed the exam became the first residents of the department.

The training according to the traditional four-year scheme will also continue. Four new groups will start their studies: in September training will start in Samara, in October in St. Petersburg, in November in Kazan, and in December in Moscow. In all these cities the enrolment is going on. We will be happy to see doctors interested in obtaining a new promising specialty among our students. If you are interested in learning, please, fill in the application form on our website and we will contact you.

We have prepared a rich postgraduate training program for osteopathic practitioners. This year a lot of seminars on different topics will be held in St. Petersburg, Kazan, Moscow, Samara, Yekaterinburg and Perm. Many programs are accredited in the system of continuing postgraduate education, so the students can receive education credits. 

This year we will continue to develop new fields of work. On September 16th, a new group will start training in the Massage School, which opened at the Institute in September 2016. 

Last year we started to organize informative webinars called “Osteopathy. Doctor’s pathway” in order to acquaint our colleagues—representatives of different fields of medicine—with osteopathy. "This year these webinars will become even more interesting: thematic webinars will be addressed to doctors of different specialties. Separate blocks of knowledge are waiting for neurologists, pediatricians, trauma doctors, orthopedists dentists and obstetrician-gynecologists. 

All those who are interested in osteopathy are looking forward to reading two issues of the "Russian Osteopathic Journal" - the only scientific publication on osteopathy in Russia. You can read about the research of Russian and foreign scientists in the field of osteopathy, learn the latest news of the osteopathic professional community, place advertisement. Please see the journal’s website in order to read the contents of the new issues, learn the conditions of subscription and placement of advertisement.

As you can see, this academic year will be busy, but interesting. We hope that this year we will realize our most ambitious plans, and there will be a lot of professional discoveries and victories!

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