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Five-year training in higher educational institutions—new format of osteopath’s training
18 мая 2017, четверг

The order № 320 “On Introducing Amendments to the Classification of Occupations and Fields of Higher Education” was adopted on April 10th, 2017 in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Osteopathy was included in the list of basic medical professions, which are taught according to the specialist full-time programs alongside with general medicine, pediatrics and dentistry. Thus the Ministry endorsed the initiative of the Russian Osteopathic Association (ROsA), of the Federal Methodological Centre in osteopathy, and of the department of the North-Western State Medical University n. a. I. I. Mechnikov.

This means that in the nearest future osteopaths will be mastering their new profession in medical higher educational institutions from the first year of studies during 5 years. According to the order, graduates will be conferred the qualification of osteopathic doctor after they finish their training.

This type of training has a number of advantages, because a goal-oriented formation of holistic approach and of professional competences of  the future specialists will start already from the first year, and by the end of the studies students will master all the necessary osteopathic techniques and will be ready to provide high-quality osteopathic care. Notably this type of osteopaths’ training was proposed as a basic one in the “Standards of osteopathic training” to the World Health Organization.

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