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New book in our library
27 апреля 2016, среда

For the first time Russian osteopaths had an opportunity to get acquainted with the “Notes by Francis Peyralade”, which is a work in which the author expressed all his love to his profession and shared his more than 50-year experience. These books were published in France in 1997 under the name “Notes by Francis Peyralade, doctor of osteopathy”, and in 2013, only two months before his decease, the Teacher personally gifted his manuscripts to our Institute. 

This really generous gift is a will for all the Russian osteopaths. It reflects Peyralade’s hope that his lifework will be continued by Russian doctors who are educated, competent and faithful to osteopathy. 

“As “to receive” means “to give”, let these chapters help young osteopaths in learning”—wrote Francis Peyralade.

Today we are happy to present the Teacher’s gift to the osteopathic community—the first book called “Neonatology” was published. Francis Peyralade considered problems connected with the intra-uterine period, with the childbirth process and osteopathic treatment of the newborns. We are preparing the second book of four for publication, and it will soon be issued.



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