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"Atlas of osteopathic techniques: vertebral and pelvic region"
5 мая 2016, четверг

The project of osteopathic atlas publishing started in 2011 in our institute. Then the first volume of the “Atlas of osteopathic techniques: upper and lower extremities” appeared. Today we are glad to announce that the second volume of the atlas will be published in June 2016. This volume will be dedicated to the structural techniques for all the regions of the vertebral column and of the pelvis. The book will contain more than 700 pictures. 

The Atlas of osteopathic techniques is an edition which doesn’t have any analogues in Russia. It unites all the well-known diagnostic and treatment techniques, and each technique is illustrated in details. The pictures show all the stages of the techniques, practitioner’s and patient’s positions, hand positions and direction of movement—everything a specialist may need for visual support of his theoretical knowledge.

The Atlas will help the students of osteopathic schools to learn the techniques and to develop manual skills. It will also be interesting for the experienced practitioners.



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