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Seminar of Barrie Savory
10 октября 2012, среда


Seminar of Barrie Savory

How to Improve the Quality of Structural Work.
My 48 Years Experience in Osteopathy.


5–7 October, 2012, Saint Petersburg



Barrie Savory is one of the most experienced osteopaths in Europe. In 1964 году graduated from the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) and immediately became a Clinic Tutor at the BSO Clinic. In 1966 began to teach at the newly opened European School of Osteopathy (ESO). Author of highly acclaimed “The Good Back Guide”. Currently Barrie Savory is working in London and considered as one of the most honored postgraduate osteopathy teachers in many European countries. 


Seminar Objective

In the seminar Barrie Savory, summarizing his 48 years of professional experience, would try to share his philosophy and practical manipulative skills
Seminar started by reviewing of Barrie Savory’s philosophy and practical approach. Work focused on diagnostic criteria, the integration of soft tissue, specific manipulations, articulatory and cranial approaches to treatment.


Seminar Program

  • Osteopathic checkup and the Russian Pavlov school of physiology: a comparison of physiologists’ and osteopaths’ approaches to patient examining;
  • the intelligent body, proprioception, involuntary movement and the Mexican Wave;
  • pelvis and lower extremity. Diagnosis and correction techniques;
  • the short leg syndrome;
  • proprioception;
  • the importance of the sacrum;
  • lesions of sacrum and ilia;
  • treatment approaches to the sacrum;
  • structural and cranial techniques integration;
  • lumbar lesions;
  • lumbar disk lesions and proprioception;
  • thoraco-lumbar junction. The fascia and local lesions;
  • thoraco-lumbar vertebral correction;
  • the ilio-tibidal band. Special techniques;
  • the hip joint. Diagnosis and treatment;
  • the knee. Treatment approaches and the importance of tibidal band and pronation of the foot;
  • foot and ankle. General and specific manipulations;
  • osteochondrosis of the thoraco-lumbar junction;
  • flexion and extension lesions of the thoracic spine;
  • rib lesions;
  • sternum. Anterior fascia release;
  • clavicle. Importance of upper ribs and clavicle. A specific approach;
  • 1st rib lesions and the painful shoulder;
  • rotator cuff lesions and frozen shoulder;
  • the cervico-dorsal level. Standing, sitting, supine and prone techniques;
  • the cervical spine. Sitting and supine techniques;
  • the sub-occipital region. Special techniques;
  • atlas lesions — soft tissue and specific adjustment;
  • Arlens therapy;
  • the upper extremity. Shoulder, elbow and wrist lesions. Specific techniques.


Contact information:
Yulia Mikhailovna Emelyanova: +7 921 361-27-67


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