Training in osteopathy in Saint-Petersburg and other cities of Russia


The Institute of Osteopathy has organized an interesting educational process in which considerable attention is paid to theoretical and practical knowledge and also to training the osteopathic touch in students, allowing them to feel the tissues in the human body and come into contact with them. To achieve this purpose the main emphasis is made on the individual work of the instructor with each student. Teaching of osteopathic medicine is carried out at a high level in accordance with philosophical traditions of E. T. Still based on a holistic approach to the human being and the ability of the body to self-correction.

The programs are realized with participation of leading Russian and foreign instructors.

The state diploma acknowledged by the leading osteopathic schools of the world is issued to those who complete the entire course.

Training at the Institute is in strict compliance with the international standards.

At present the Institute of Osteopathy trains students in different cities of Russia. Students are trained in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Samara, Vladivostok, Krasnodar, Kazan and Ekaterinburg. The educational process is organized in the form of seminars which allows to organize part-time studies. The seminars are conducted by both Russian and foreign instructors. Moreover, this form allows students from any regions of Russia to undergo training.

The number of cities where this course is offered is constantly increasing. Those who wish to open a course in osteopathic medicine in their city are welcome to contact us.

Our programs form highly qualified professionals with excellent job prospects and that opens the way to a successful career in osteopathic medicine in private and state clinics.