We are open for collaboration!


Dear colleagues!

The Institute of Osteopathy of the Saint Petersburg Medical Academy for Post-graduate Education and Saint Petersburg State University invites you to cooperation.

Russian osteopathy started its development in 1988 and today it is widely recognized throughout the country.

At present the Institute of Osteopathy cooperates with many Russian and international organizations.

We issue the only one in Russia osteopathic journal and invite you to publish your papers and lectures in it.

The Institute has been organizing the international symposium OSTEOPATHY OPEN in Saint Petersburg annually for already eight years. At this symposium osteopaths from Russia and the rest of the world can exchange their experiences.

Besides that, seminars for post-graduate students are held at the Institute of Osteopathy throughout the year. They are conducted by known osteopaths from different countries such as:

Jean-Pierre Amigues
Serge Paoletti
Serge Zilbermann
Nadine Picard
François Djabaku
Mickael Dobensky
Claude Bochurberg
Bruno Josse
Michel Ciccotti
Anthony G. Chila
Robert Rousse
Marie-Odile Fessenmeyer

and many others.